The brand

The history

Company creation
Starting at the hosiery factory in Troyes, still in operation today.
The company then specialized in underwear for men, women and children.

Inventing pants
In two legendary scissor cuts, Stephen Valton invented the pants without legs.

Petit Bateau campaign
Date of the brand launch and release of the first publicity campaign, Marinette is born.

First success
The famous Petit Bateau underwear is enshrined when it wins the Grand Prize for innovation, awarded at the Exposition Universelle in Paris.

Invention of the American neckline
By observing the special necklines of the soldiers t-shirts - who donned their underwear without taking off their helmets - Petit Bateau invented it's first baby bodysuits.

New materials
Pyjamas and babygros all come in soft new materials: terry towelling and velour.

Invention of the "millerais" stripe
Robust and colourful, here is the famous pinstripe, developed to enrich the new Petit Bateau collections.

First shop
The first Petit Bateau boutique opens its doors in Paris.

Building the body
Petit Bateau designed the first baby body.

Rachat par Yves Rocher
Petit Bateau was purchased by Yves Rocher, the world leader in plant origin cosmetics.

Petit Bateau catwalk
The designers took over the white child size T-shirt. It is adopted by the fashion pack and is made a fashion phenomenom. 4 million Petit Bateau T-shirts are now sold each year worldwide.

Opening the shop on the Champs Elysees
Petit Bateau opens a new store on the most beautiful avenue in the world: The Champs Elysees in Paris.

Presence in English speaking countries
Petit Bateau moved to London and New York with two new stores.

Petit Bateau weaves its web and opens a shop.

Petit Bateau International
New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin... There are nearly 400 shops and a presence in over 60 countries.

Petit Bateau Forever
Petit Bateau, a relationship that began at early childhood and continues throughout life.